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ENERGY STAR Version 3 guidelines will take effect January 1st of 2012, but raters and builders will begin a transition this summer with Version 2.5. HERS training on the new guidelines will be available for raters in March of 2011, but most raters will need to get the ball rolling with their clients before then to make sure that everyone who is working towards certification has success. This article will explain the implementation schedule and will discuss the most significant changes in Version 2.5Transition Dates - The version of ENERGY STAR that must be used (2.5 or 3) hinges predominantly on project finish date. Some planning ahead will be required to make sure individual projects use the correct version. A home permitted after April of 2011, or any home that finishes after July of 2011 will need to follow Energy Star V2.5 guidelines. Know more About, Click ...

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